Follow our step-by-step guide to make a return.

Our return policy

If you want to make a return, contact Dimoda at and we will help you. You have the right to regret a purchase within 14 days of receiving the item.

Step 1

Create a return slip

Contact our customer service at tel. 0301-433 95 or via e-mail to obtain a return slip. Have your order number ready and also in which name the order is made.

step 2

Print the return form

After call or email contact with our customer service, you will receive an email, with a link, where you print your return slip.

Step 3

Unpack your goods

Pack your goods in the original packaging, along with the return tag you received in the email. Enderage well and then put the return address label on the outside of the package.

Step 4

Submit the package

Submit the package with the nearest representative and then just wait for a refund from us. Should it be that there will be no refund within the next week, please contact our customer service. Either via tel. 0301-433 95 or you fill in the form below and send us via email.